Take Pictures & Earn Money with iPhone App!

Now you can turn your iPhone into a money generating machine. With the new app named Pictorama, you can take pictures and earn money. Hurry up! The first 25000 uploads will get 0.25€ per accepted picture upfront.

If you have a great passion for taking pictures, this is a must-have app on your iPhone. Take pictures, inspire others and earn money.

How the app will work?
  • Be Creative. 
  • Shoot Pictures.
  • Add categories and keywords to your pictures.
  • Upload them.
  • Community and experts will review them.
  • Pictures will be available in Pictorama's marketplace.
  • You get a revenue share each time one of your pictures is sold.
Passionate Photographers can earn a handsome amount of money with this app.

Improvements made in version 1.0.8:
- Enhanced image view, added possibility to zoom, horizontal pictures can be viewed in full
- Added new categories
- Added possibility to give your picture a title
- Vote buttons can be hidden/shown in checking area
- Pictures can be zoomed in checking area
- Failed uploads can be resumed (good for bad internet access)
- Added possibility to turn sharing your pictures on Facebook on/off

Download the app for FREE from iTunes.

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