Tweet Lanes - Pure ICS Twitter app for Android

twitter lane app for android
Tweet Lanes is a pure twitter app for Android ICS. The app was inspired by Ice Cream Sandwich.

Some of the features of the app are:
  • The native Android ICS styling has been shamelessly applied to Tweet Lanes, which makes for the most beautiful Twitter client available on Android. 
  • Designed and engineered to adhere strictly to the Android Design guidelines.
  • Fully embraces the Android swipe controls.
  • VolScroll™ - Use the hardware volume buttons to quickly navigate your feed. Very handy on larger phones such as the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S3!
  • Interact with multiple tweets at the same time using multiple selection. Very handy for replying to multiple people in a single tweet or blocking spams. 
  • Multiple account support.
  • Automatically preview images and videos in your feed.
  • Get ready for a new means of tweeting. There's no 'New Tweet' button here. Instead, the ever present Context Tweet Box will serve all your tweet-creation needs.
  • The Twitter client Android power-tweeters have been craving.
Download the app for free from Google Play.

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