Which app suits which device?

When there are hundreds of apps to choose from, it is sometimes hard to know which is the best for your device. This blog post will show you some of the most popular apps for various devices.

Devices which are compatible with downloadable applications include the ipod, ipads, iphones, Blackberrys, Androids and smart-phones. Some games are designed for certain devices, such as Angry Birds. which is intended for devices with a touch screen. Whereas hangman, can be navigated by a keypad, making it suitable for Blackberrys or Androids. To browse and buy an application, your device must have internet access, so it is worth checking with your provider, whether it is O2 or Three, to see if your contract includes an internet bundle. When you access the website, the app will normally have a list of compatible devices next to it, so you know if it suitable for you.

Small touch screen devices (ipod, iphone) best suit interactive games such as Angry Birds and Rock Band. Angry Birds is a small game, where you simply fling birds using a catapult, into a building inhabited by pigs. The aim of the game is to destroy as much as possible. It is a light-hearted app, perfect for filling long journeys with. With a pair of earphones, you can play a mini guitar along to your favourite rock and roll tunes on Rock Band. The app comes with more than 20 songs, which are available to play as a guitar, the drums or bass guitar.

Larger touch screen devices such as the ipad, are best suited for photography editing software applications or art apps like Creative Review. The large and crisp screen makes it perfect for seeing details in photos, therefore making it easier to edit. Alternatively, it makes a good device to admire art and photography on. Apps like Creative Review have stunning paintings and photographs to browse through. 

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