7 dialer app for WP7 allows you to make call quickly

7 dialer app for WP7
7dialer allows to quickly call any of your contacts. Loads fast, simply launch this app and use its intelligent keyboard with predictive search to get the contact you want to call, sms or email. Saves you a lot of time!

On second tab it features a people wall where you can pin any contact for even quicker access. This wall has many different layouts you can navigate through and setup. You can also set it up to open the people wall directly.

It has some other fun features such as customizable dial tones, background image for key pad and breathing effect for the tiles on the people wall.

Has different types of tiles for your start screen, even one which imitates the default dialer app in case you want to complete replace it keeping the OEM look.

Some of the features of the app are:
  • Smart dialing/filtering either with number pad or characters pad
  • Option to call, SMS or email
  • "Call later" reminders
  • Pin contacts as Live Tiles to start screen, as a to-do related to a contact
  • Fullscreen People wall (aka favorites) with customizable layouts
  • Dial tone sounds
  • Breathing effect for contact tiles
  • Live tile display options
  • Copy & paste
  • Customizable and automatic dialing prefixes
  • Call history (outboud)
  • Option to add/edit contacts
  • Date on system tray bar
  • Automatic contacts sync
  • Quick voice mail shortcut
  • Call timer
  • Estimated outbound total talk time
  • Custom background for dialpad
Download the app for windows phone 7 from HERE.


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