Calculator Toolbox for WP7 is a multi-purpose calculator tool

Calculator Toolbox for WP7
Calculator Toolbox for WP7 is a multi-purpose calculator tool and a must have app on your windows phone 7. It has 35 different calculators across 6 categories. Some of the calculators it has are Discount Calc, Debt to Income Calc, BMI Calc, Tip Calc, Sales Tax Calc, Mortgage Calc etc.

Some of the features of the app are:
  • Attractive and user friendly UI that adheres to the WP Metro design guidelines.
  • Now support Unit Converters.
  • Live Tile support for Tip, Discount, BMI, Age, DTI Ratio, VAT/Sales Tax, Mortgage, Auto Loan, and Auto Lease calcs.
  • Support for favorites. The favorites section on the main screen can hold up to 8 calcs at a time. Get to your frequently used calcs quickly by adding them to the favorites.
  • Ability to pin favorite calcs to the home screen.
  • Quick Cards/App connect support. Allows the app to be launched from bing's product detail page.
  • Money, Date, and Time representations are culture aware.
  • Remembers commonly used settings for ease of use.
  • Feature rich Mortgage, Auto Loan, and Auto Lease calcs.
  • Tip Calc supports Tax, and split option. Also provides detailed breakdown of the bill.
  • Discount Calc supports multiple discounts.
  • Age Calc represents the age in years, months and days. Also provides additional representation of age in years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds etc.
  • Adult BMI Calc supports Imperial and Metric mesurement systems.
  • Time and Time Span calcs supports 12hr and 24hr Time Systems. 
Download the app for $0.99 from marketplace.

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