Clipsync App will copy paste text between android devices and Windows

Clip Sync for android
Clipsync App will help you to copy paste text between android devices and Windows. ClipSync automatically synchronizes your Android clipboard with your Windows clipboard. Copying text in Windows (CTRL+C) will automatically send the copied text to the clipboard of all you android devices on the same LAN over WIFI.

You need to install the server app on the computer.

How to copy paste text?

Copy paste text form Android to Windows
  1. Long press any text on your Android device and select Copy 
  2. Now paste the text anywhere on your PC with right-click → paste, or ctrl+V.
Copy paste text form Windows to Android
  1. Copy any text from your PC by selecting it and right-click → copy or ctrl+C. 
  2. Now long press any input field on your android device, and select Paste.
Download the app for android on marketplace and for windows HERE.

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