Everyday.me for iPhone records your life

Everyday.me for iPhone
Everyday.me for iPhone records your life. It is a smart timeline journal to capture any life moment you want to remember or return to later, including your activities across the web.

Some of the features of the app are:
  • "Writes itself" - Automatically imports your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram activities.
  • Read and write from anywhere - From phone, email, or the web. 
  • Never lose anything - Everything is automatically backed up online. 
  • Beautiful timeline - Store and view all your precious memories at http://everyday.me. 
  • Have a permanent copy - Receive beautifully printed versions of your journal with highlights. (optional, coming soon)
  • What were you doing a year ago? Find out with with Everyday’s "blast from the past".
Download the app for iPhone from iTunes.

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