Metro Talk for Windows Phone Updated!

MetroTalk for the windows phone 7
MetroTalk for the windows phone 7 is one of the best Windows Phone app that gives a fluid Google Voice experience. The app now comes with full Mango support and includes push notifications for instantly receiving SMS messages and voicemail, even when the app is not active.

The free version comes with all the features of the full version, but with ads.

Change log in the new version:
  • New: Pivot control for switching between folders on main page
  • New: Live tile now optionally displays the most recently received message
  • New: Full thumbnail support for all pages
  • New: Search functionality
  • New: Ability to send a message to multiple recipients
  • New: International characters for both contacts and messages
  • New: Action-links support for phone numbers, URLs and email addresses embedded in messages
  • New: The autocomplete recipient search now supports first names, last names and nicknames
  • Bug fix: If a toast notification is received while the app is open, a full refresh is now triggered
  • Bug fix: The Quick Reply page now properly marks conversations as read and updates the live tile counter accordingly
Download the app for free from windows marketplace.

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