Music Control App tipSkip gone FREE

tipSkip for iPhone
tipSkip, an innovative music control app for iPhone goes free. With this app you can control the music just by tapping the phone.

Some of the features of the app are:
  • knock on the device 2x to skip to the next track (like a double click with your mouse)
  • to skip to the previous track knock 3x on the device
  • to pause the track knock 4x
  • adjust knock detection sensitivity 
  • tap the cover or knock twice for play
  • swipe the cover left and right to skip tracks
  • swipe up and down for volume control
  • choose Playlist, Artists, Albums, Songs, Gernres, Compilations
  • shuffle mode 
  • lock screen with energy saving function
  • customize knock actions for 2x,3x and 4x knock
  • skip in podcasts and tracks with fast forward/backward
  • chose between 90 or 30 sec fast fwd
  • chose between 90 or 30 sec back fwd
Download the app for free from iTunes.

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