Nokia Lumia 900: 5 Best Free Apps

nokia lumia 900 best free applications
Nokia Lumia 900 is a great windows phone. Here are the 5 best and must have windows phone 7 applications for your Nokia Lumia 900:

Spotify for Nokia Lumia 900 opens up your Windows Phone to a world of music. With this app you can access millions of tracks from our library, and take your playlists on the go with the Offline mode. The app can search, browse and play millions of tracks.The trail version is for 30 days in which you can access full features of the app. If you like the app, you can purchase the app.

Evenote for Nokia Lumia 900 syncs the notes from your phone to the web and vice versa. You can note the ideas, take snapshots and also record the voice. Everything will be seamlessly available on your computer. The new version supports better social integration, search integration, background synchronization, and pinning of notes, notebooks, tags, searches, maps etc.

With StickyTiles for Lumia 900, you can pin short double-sided sticky notes to your start screen. You can also choose text, color, font size, and background image for both the front and back of the sticky tile.

This is official Facebook app for windows phone 7. Facebook is no.1 social networking site and this app has beautiful metro style design to access all the features of the Facebook. The app is also fully integrated into messaging on your nokia lumia 900.

Reading Glasses
Reading glasses for Lumia 900 magnifies and lets you focus on small text using a live camera feed. The app is great for small text on menus and medicine bottles when you don't have your reading glasses.

What apps do you use on your Nokia Lumia 900? Share your thoughts through comments section.

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