Samsung Galaxy Beam: 5 Must-have Apps for Projector

Samsung Galaxy Beam Projector Apps
Samsung Galaxy Beam is the first Samsung projector phone released, Check out the 5 must have apps to use on your Galaxy Beam phone using the projector:

MX Player
MX Player is one of the best video players for Android and with this app, you can watch almost all the videos in any format. With the projector of the Galaxy Beam, you can enjoy watching videos on the wall with this app. The app also supports muti-core decoding, cpu optimization, pinch to zoom and subtitle scrolling.

Skype for Galaxy Beam allows you to make free video calls and voice calls. With the projector on the phone, you can watch your friends face in the big screen on the wall. You can also send pictures, videos and files to your contacts on the skype. The sound quality is also very good in this app.

Google Maps for android is a must have app to help in navigation. The app also supports offline maps where you can download the maps in home with wi-fi and use it on the go without any data charges. With the projector on the phone, you can view the 3D buildings and maps in big view.

VLC Direct Pro
VLC direct pro app for Samsung Galaxy Beam will allow you to remotely control VLC player from your phone. It also streams content(video, music and photos) from computer to your phone. With the projector on the phone, you can watch the streamed content in big screen. The app also supports streaming from your phone to computer and subtitles.

Sensor Music Player
Sensor Music Player for Galaxy Beam is a innovative music player with useful sensor controls. The app allows you to skip songs without touching the screen. There are modes like wave over, pocket, hammer, custom to control the music without touching the phone. There are additional features like drag n drop playlist, equalizer, Bass Boost, smart seach bar, home screen widget etc.


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