Android 4.2: All New Features

Android 4.2 All new features
Google has released Android 4.2 with its next version of Nexus smartphone. Check out the new features of Android 4.2, updated version of Jelly Bean:

Swype like Typing
Most of us are familiar with Swype app on Android. Android 4.2 has exactly the swype like typing keyboard. With this keyboard, you don't have to lift the finger while typing.

Photo Sphere
With this app, you can take 360 degree panoramic pictures and instantly upload them to social networking sites.

Multiple User Profiles
Android 4.2 has multiple user profiles support on tablet. With this feature each user can have his own set of apps on the tablet. This feature is useful for differentiating apps between you and kids.

Google Now
Google Now has been updated and has many interesting features.

Daydream mode
This is a new kind of screen saver that entertain you while the device is idle. It shows photos, Google current news etc.

Miracast wireless display allows you to beam image from phone to Television without the need of a cable.

Respond in Notifications
You can now respond with actions in notifications inside the notification window itself.

Widgets on Lock Screen
You can now configure third party widgets on lock screen.

Other improvements
The OS will be now be more smoother and faster than Android 4.1. There were other improvements made in Gmail App, Google play app etc.

Windows Phone 8 will get 46 out of Top 50 Mobile Apps

Windows phone 8 getting Top Apps
The major issue with windows phone platform is lack of the apps that are available on iOS and Android. But today Microsoft announced that Windows Phone 8 users will be soon getting 46 out of top 50 mobile apps on their phones.

Microsoft had also announced that currently there are more than 120,000 apps in the marketplace and soon the top apps and games will be coming to WP 8.

Some of the top apps coming to the windows phone 8 are Angry Birds Star Wars edition, Temple Run, Asphalt 7, Cut the Rope, Where's my Water/Perry games, Words with friends, Pandora, Urban spoon

The missing 4 apps for windows phone 8 may be Instagram, Pinterest, Flipboard and Google apps.

Google LG Nexus 4 Announced Officially

Google LG Nexus mobile
Google cancelled its event today and made the announcement of its next version Nexus from LG. Some of the specifications of the phone are:
  • Android 4.2, New flavor of Jelly Bean
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.5GHz Quad core processor
  • 4.7 inch display
  • 1280x768 resolution
  • 8GB/16GB internal memory
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 8MP Rear camera
  • 1.3 MP front camera
  • 2100 mAh Battery
  • Wireless charging
  • NFC
  • Photo Sphere
  • 3G, HSPA+
The mobile will be sale from Nov 13th. The 8GB unlocked version will be available for $299 while 16GB version will be available for $349.

Top 5 iPhone Apps for Frequent Travelers

Check out the Top 5 must-have iPhone apps for people who travel frequently across the world:

TripIt app for iPhone
With TripIt app for iPhone, you can have all your travel plans like hotel reservations, attending meetings, concerts etc at one place. The app organizes and shares your travel easily. All you need to do is just email your itinerary that you receive from the travel agent. The app then shows up your travel plan well organized and with all the information you could possibly need on your iPhone. With this app, you never forget booking a hotel, renting a car etc.

HD Compass
HD Compass for iPhone
HD Compass is a Simple and beautiful rustic style compass app available for your iPhone. The app shows you the directions at an unknown place. The compass is very precise and works pretty well. The app also has navigation map.

AroundMe app for iPhone
AroundMe for iPhone helps you to find the necessary place/information around you in a new city instantly. The app identifies your exact position using GPS and shows you the nearest Bank, Bar, Gas Station, Hospital, Hotel, Movie Theatre, Restaurant, Supermarket, Taxi etc. The app also provides you the route th the destination from your position. The app is quite useful for people at an unknown location in the city.

XE Currency
The app XE Currency for iPhone is very helpful to know the live conversion rate of the currency on a go. The app features live rates, charts and also stores the last updated rates. The app almost has all the currencies in the world and the corresponding conversion rates. You can also monitor upto 10 currencies simultaneously.

TripAdvisor Offline City Guide
Trip advisor city guide app
TripAdvisor app for iPhone provides free city guide with hotels, city attractions, restaurants etc without the need of any data connection. The app saves a lot of money on roaming charges. The user base of Tripadvisor is large enough toe get the appropriate reviews of places in any city around the world. The app also features self-guided tours, city facts, navigation to the destination etc.

5 Halloween Apps for Android and iOS

This is the Halloween season and app makers are already publishing the Halloween apps on Google Play and Apple Appstore. Check out the 5 best Halloween apps for Android and iOS:

zombiebooth app for iPhone Android
ZombieBooth for Android and iOS makes your/your's friend face into a 3D, animated zombie instantly. This is a must have app in the Halloween season to make fun with your loving ones. You can also record and share the videos  of your zombified friends.

The app makes any 2D portrait into 3D.You can choose from several variations of zombies. The zombies made by you comes alive and will blink, scowl and breath.

Android link

iTunes link

zombiewood app for android and iOS
Zombiewood by Gameloft is a zombie game in which zombies attack Hollywood and you need to step into the shoes of famous Hollywood celebrities to stop them and show what Hollywood stars are capable of.

Some of the features of the game include dual-stick shooter action, cartoon style, 11 different movies, leaderboard and regular new updates. In this Halloween season you will surely enjoy this loving zombie game.

Android link

iTunes link

Ski Safari Halloween Update
Ski Safari Halloween update for iPhone Android
Ski Safari is one of the top games on both Android and iPhone. It has been rated with an average rating of 4.8. The makers of the game, Defiant Development has released a new Halloween update.

In Ski Safari Animals, Avalanches and Action come together to create an amazing gaming experience while on a go. The Halloween Update adds a brand new level, “Monster Mountain” to this already exciting game. Hope you will enjoy this game in this Halloween season.

Android link

iTunes link

Blood of the Zombies
blood of zombies
Blood of zombies is a fighting fantasy gamebook for Android and iOS. In this digital fighting fantasy gamebook, you are the hero.

Some of the exclusive features of the app are All new death endings, amazing illustrations, achievements, automated adventure sheet etc. Enjoy this beautiful gamebook in this Halloween season.

Android link

iTunes link

Halloween Live Wallpaper
Halloween Live Wallpaper
Halloween live wallpaper for Android makes up your mood from time to time in this Halloween season. In this app, you can smash Halloween pumpkins, make vampire smile etc. You can also play with pumpkins under the moon. The app is only available for Android.

With this apps, you can surely celebrate this Halloween season in a great way.

Android link

Top 5 Android Games of All Time

As per a recent survery, Smartphone users spend more time playing games than using apps on their phones. Android users are no exception. Check out the top 5 must have Android games for your mobile:

Asphalt 7 Heat
Asphalt 7 Heat android game
Asphalt 7 Heat for Android is the newest and fastest edition of Asphalt series. The game has some stunning graphics and 60 different cars like Ferrari, Aston Martin to ride on. The game also has 15 tracks set in real cities around the world. The game also supports multiplayer mode where you can compete with 5 of your friends online. The game has 6 different modes with more than 150 races.

Temple Run
Temple run android game
Temple Run is one of the most addictive games on Android. In this game you have to stole the idol from temple and run to protect your life. You can also test reflexes with this game. The game has over 50 million users worldwide.

Angry Birds Space
angry birds space premium game
Angry Birds is one of the best games for Android from Rovio. The company has recently released Angry Birds Space game and it is an instant hit. The game features 130 interstellar levels with zero gravity. The game also has brand new birds, brand new superpowers, hidden bonus levels etc.

Where's My Water
wheres my water android game
Where's My Water from Disney for Android is an amazing puzzle game with interesting levels. It is a challenging physics based puzzler with stunning graphics. In this game you need to make way for water to enter into Swampy, the Alligator's bathroom. There are over 200 levels in the game. There are many hidden collectibles and bonus levels to be unlocked.

Cut the Rope
cut the rope android game
Cut the rope for Android has over 250 million downloads and 300 levels to play. In this puzzle game, you need to help the little monster to collect the CANDY. The app features 12 boxes with 300 levels, innovative physics game-play and outstanding graphics. The app will be getting free updates with new levels and animations.

Latest Mobile Phone News - 24 Oct 2012

From today on-wards, I will be writing the latest mobile news of the day post everyday on the site.

Check out the latest Mobile Phone related news on this day:

Apple iPad Mini has been officially launched today. The latest tablet from Apple has been launched with a price tag of $329. It has 7.9 inch display with screen resolution of 1024x768.

MetroPCS Samsung Galaxy S III will be soon getting Google Wallet's support. This was confirmed by official twitter account of Google Wallet.

AT&T will be launching Samsung Galaxy Note II on Nov 9th for $299.99. Galaxy Note 2 will have 1.6 GHz quad core processor, 2 GB RAM and 5.5 inch screen.

Nokia Lumia 510 has been officially announced. The phone will have 800 MHz processor, 4 inch screen, 5 MP camera and 256 MB of RAM.

Apple store now has lightning to 30 pin adapter. The accessory can be purchased for $49 from the store.


5 Best Free Windows Phone 7 Apps of the Month

Check out the 5 best free windows phone 7 apps of the month:

Combat Helicopter 2
Combat Helicopter 2 wp 7 app
Combat Helicopter 2 is an action game for windows phone 7 with amazing graphics. In this game you will be playing the role of a pilot and you will be assigned tasks to destroy enemy bases through secret locations. You can choose from 4 unique helicopters and deadly guns. The game has various game modes like campaign,survival etc.

Gears for windows phone 7
Gears is an excellent puzzle game for windows phone 7. I played it first on Symbian and loved it. The game makes you think and be creative with your own solutions. There are 100 levels in the game which will engage you for hours.

MusicDwnld FS
MusicDownload FS wp7 app
MusicDwnld FS is a fast and simple music search engine. The app allows you to pin your favourite songs of all time to the start screen, With this app you can browse trending songs, know artist bio, download top tracks 10x faster etc. The app released last month got an average 4 star rating from 51 reviewers.

PandorBox for windows phone is a third party Pandora Radio streaming application designed for easy song navigation and control. The app has background audio player capability. It also allows you to add or delete stations from your playlist. The app has got 4 star rating from 151 reviewers.

Battery Advisor
Battery Advisor for windows phone 7 boosts your battery life. The app allows you to make various adjustments which can significantly increase the battery life. The app can control various settings like bluetooth, gps, gprs, wifi, battery saver, email and data sync, background tasks, screen timeout, brightness, theme etc.

5 Must-have Apps for Rooted Android Phones

Android phones market share has been increasing day-by-day. The performance of the Android phones can be increased further by rooting the phone.

Here are some of the Must-have apps for the rooted Android phones:

VM Heap Tool
vm heap tool
This app for rooted Android phones will change the Dalvik VM heap size thus giving the applications more heap space. This will speed up the apps and increase the overall performance of the device.

ROM Manager
ROM Manager
This app will make backups and manage flash ROMs. This is a must have app for rooted android phones. The app can manage your ROMs via handy UI, perform backups and restores, install ROM from SD card etc. In premium version there are other features like notifications, Automatic backups, web connect etc.

This is a must have app for rooted Android phone with SD card. This app speeds up the external and internal SD cards. The app can enhance the speed of memory device upto 40 times. The app has MMC detection framework to support almost all SD cards.

Undelete app for Android
Undelete app for rooted Android phones will allow you to recover any type of deleted file from your phone. The app supports recovering of over 1000 file types. The app is very handy if you delete any photo or message accidentally. The app also has other features like Batch operations, Preview media files, Secure wiping etc.

Gemini App Manager
This is one of the best app manager available in Google Play for Android phones. This is a fast and powerful tool to manage the apps. Some of you might get irritated while installing several apps at a time. If the phone is not rooted, you need to go to each app menu and uninstall it. With this app installed on your rooted phone, you can uninstall all the selected apps once. You can also do batch moving of apps from phone to SD card and vice versa.

Turn Any Android Phone into Galaxy S III

Are you envy of the new Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone with its unique features like pop-up play, smart stay etc? And is your budget not allowing to buy Galaxy S III? Don't worry, all the new features of Samsung Galaxy S III are available on your existing Android phone.

Below are some of the apps which you can install on your Android phone to get the features of the Samsung Galaxy S III.

Galaxy S3 Dandelion
Galaxy S III live wallpaper
This app provides the free Galaxy S III Dandelion live wallpapers on your Android phone. The live wallpaper has water droplet effect. The wallpaper is the first step to get the feeling of Galaxy S III on your phone.

Stick it(Pop Up Player)
Stick it pop up player
Stick it app for your Android phone provides the feature of popup play of Samsung Galaxy S III. The app can play videos on top of the screen above other apps. You can play videos while browsing, texting etc. This provides a true multi-tasking behavior on your phone. You can move, re-size and also minimize the player.

The player supports many formats including .3gp .avi .divx .f4v .flv .mkv .mp4 .mpeg .mov .vob .wmv .webm .xvid  etc. It also supports streaming protocols like MMS, HTTP, RTSP etc.

I See you app
ISeeYou app on your Android phone is an alternative to smart stay feature of Samsung Galaxy S III. The app keeps the screen ON if you are looking into it else it will turn OFF the screen. This app requires front camera for facial recognition. The app allows you to change maximum scanning time and scan poll etc. The app is quite useful for e-book readers on mobile phone.

Overskreen app
OverSkreen app for your Android phone is a browser application that can live on top of your screen. With this app you can browse the web while texting or doing any other activity on your phone. The app enables true multi-tasking on your device. The app can be launched with multiple instances.

The app can be moved, re-sized or minimized. The app has Adobe flash support, tabbed browsing support, private browsing support etc. It also supports chrome bookmarks sync.

 facelock app
The Facelock app will protect both your phone and individual apps using the facial recognition. Android ICS has the feature of Face unlocking, but with this app installed you can use the same feature in earlier versions of Android. The app has also the ability to lock individual apps.

Gotya app
This app can help you in tracing your lost phone and catching the criminal who attempts to stole your device. The app takes a picture through front camera when the criminal enters screen lock incorrectly. It also acquires device location and sends the Google maps link along with the taken picture to your email. You can control through simple remote SMS commands for requesting callback, requesting location, playing alarm sound etc.

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