5 Best Free Windows Phone 7 Apps of the Month

Check out the 5 best free windows phone 7 apps of the month:

Combat Helicopter 2
Combat Helicopter 2 wp 7 app
Combat Helicopter 2 is an action game for windows phone 7 with amazing graphics. In this game you will be playing the role of a pilot and you will be assigned tasks to destroy enemy bases through secret locations. You can choose from 4 unique helicopters and deadly guns. The game has various game modes like campaign,survival etc.

Gears for windows phone 7
Gears is an excellent puzzle game for windows phone 7. I played it first on Symbian and loved it. The game makes you think and be creative with your own solutions. There are 100 levels in the game which will engage you for hours.

MusicDwnld FS
MusicDownload FS wp7 app
MusicDwnld FS is a fast and simple music search engine. The app allows you to pin your favourite songs of all time to the start screen, With this app you can browse trending songs, know artist bio, download top tracks 10x faster etc. The app released last month got an average 4 star rating from 51 reviewers.

PandorBox for windows phone is a third party Pandora Radio streaming application designed for easy song navigation and control. The app has background audio player capability. It also allows you to add or delete stations from your playlist. The app has got 4 star rating from 151 reviewers.

Battery Advisor
Battery Advisor for windows phone 7 boosts your battery life. The app allows you to make various adjustments which can significantly increase the battery life. The app can control various settings like bluetooth, gps, gprs, wifi, battery saver, email and data sync, background tasks, screen timeout, brightness, theme etc.

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