5 Must-have Apps for Rooted Android Phones

Android phones market share has been increasing day-by-day. The performance of the Android phones can be increased further by rooting the phone.

Here are some of the Must-have apps for the rooted Android phones:

VM Heap Tool
vm heap tool
This app for rooted Android phones will change the Dalvik VM heap size thus giving the applications more heap space. This will speed up the apps and increase the overall performance of the device.

ROM Manager
ROM Manager
This app will make backups and manage flash ROMs. This is a must have app for rooted android phones. The app can manage your ROMs via handy UI, perform backups and restores, install ROM from SD card etc. In premium version there are other features like notifications, Automatic backups, web connect etc.

This is a must have app for rooted Android phone with SD card. This app speeds up the external and internal SD cards. The app can enhance the speed of memory device upto 40 times. The app has MMC detection framework to support almost all SD cards.

Undelete app for Android
Undelete app for rooted Android phones will allow you to recover any type of deleted file from your phone. The app supports recovering of over 1000 file types. The app is very handy if you delete any photo or message accidentally. The app also has other features like Batch operations, Preview media files, Secure wiping etc.

Gemini App Manager
This is one of the best app manager available in Google Play for Android phones. This is a fast and powerful tool to manage the apps. Some of you might get irritated while installing several apps at a time. If the phone is not rooted, you need to go to each app menu and uninstall it. With this app installed on your rooted phone, you can uninstall all the selected apps once. You can also do batch moving of apps from phone to SD card and vice versa.

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