Top 5 iPhone Apps for Frequent Travelers

Check out the Top 5 must-have iPhone apps for people who travel frequently across the world:

TripIt app for iPhone
With TripIt app for iPhone, you can have all your travel plans like hotel reservations, attending meetings, concerts etc at one place. The app organizes and shares your travel easily. All you need to do is just email your itinerary that you receive from the travel agent. The app then shows up your travel plan well organized and with all the information you could possibly need on your iPhone. With this app, you never forget booking a hotel, renting a car etc.

HD Compass
HD Compass for iPhone
HD Compass is a Simple and beautiful rustic style compass app available for your iPhone. The app shows you the directions at an unknown place. The compass is very precise and works pretty well. The app also has navigation map.

AroundMe app for iPhone
AroundMe for iPhone helps you to find the necessary place/information around you in a new city instantly. The app identifies your exact position using GPS and shows you the nearest Bank, Bar, Gas Station, Hospital, Hotel, Movie Theatre, Restaurant, Supermarket, Taxi etc. The app also provides you the route th the destination from your position. The app is quite useful for people at an unknown location in the city.

XE Currency
The app XE Currency for iPhone is very helpful to know the live conversion rate of the currency on a go. The app features live rates, charts and also stores the last updated rates. The app almost has all the currencies in the world and the corresponding conversion rates. You can also monitor upto 10 currencies simultaneously.

TripAdvisor Offline City Guide
Trip advisor city guide app
TripAdvisor app for iPhone provides free city guide with hotels, city attractions, restaurants etc without the need of any data connection. The app saves a lot of money on roaming charges. The user base of Tripadvisor is large enough toe get the appropriate reviews of places in any city around the world. The app also features self-guided tours, city facts, navigation to the destination etc.

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