Turn Any Android Phone into Galaxy S III

Are you envy of the new Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone with its unique features like pop-up play, smart stay etc? And is your budget not allowing to buy Galaxy S III? Don't worry, all the new features of Samsung Galaxy S III are available on your existing Android phone.

Below are some of the apps which you can install on your Android phone to get the features of the Samsung Galaxy S III.

Galaxy S3 Dandelion
Galaxy S III live wallpaper
This app provides the free Galaxy S III Dandelion live wallpapers on your Android phone. The live wallpaper has water droplet effect. The wallpaper is the first step to get the feeling of Galaxy S III on your phone.

Stick it(Pop Up Player)
Stick it pop up player
Stick it app for your Android phone provides the feature of popup play of Samsung Galaxy S III. The app can play videos on top of the screen above other apps. You can play videos while browsing, texting etc. This provides a true multi-tasking behavior on your phone. You can move, re-size and also minimize the player.

The player supports many formats including .3gp .avi .divx .f4v .flv .mkv .mp4 .mpeg .mov .vob .wmv .webm .xvid  etc. It also supports streaming protocols like MMS, HTTP, RTSP etc.

I See you app
ISeeYou app on your Android phone is an alternative to smart stay feature of Samsung Galaxy S III. The app keeps the screen ON if you are looking into it else it will turn OFF the screen. This app requires front camera for facial recognition. The app allows you to change maximum scanning time and scan poll etc. The app is quite useful for e-book readers on mobile phone.

Overskreen app
OverSkreen app for your Android phone is a browser application that can live on top of your screen. With this app you can browse the web while texting or doing any other activity on your phone. The app enables true multi-tasking on your device. The app can be launched with multiple instances.

The app can be moved, re-sized or minimized. The app has Adobe flash support, tabbed browsing support, private browsing support etc. It also supports chrome bookmarks sync.

 facelock app
The Facelock app will protect both your phone and individual apps using the facial recognition. Android ICS has the feature of Face unlocking, but with this app installed you can use the same feature in earlier versions of Android. The app has also the ability to lock individual apps.

Gotya app
This app can help you in tracing your lost phone and catching the criminal who attempts to stole your device. The app takes a picture through front camera when the criminal enters screen lock incorrectly. It also acquires device location and sends the Google maps link along with the taken picture to your email. You can control through simple remote SMS commands for requesting callback, requesting location, playing alarm sound etc.

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