5 Best Funny Apps for iPhone

Check out the 5 best funny apps for iPhone:

FaceGoo for iPhone
FaceGoo for iPhone is a funny app that allows you to strech, twist and pinch your photos in all possible ways. With this app, you can have fun with your friends by editing their photograph. Some of the features of the app include pinch and distort pictures, add funny stickers, social sharing, pen tool etc.

Virtual GirlFriend
virtual girlfriend app for iPhone
Virtual Girlfriend apps provides you an ideal girl friend to have fun with. In this app, the girl can talk to you, listen to you, interact with you and customize her the way you want.

LOL Pics
Lol pics for iPhone
LOL Pics for iPhone offers more than 30 categories of hilarious pictures. You can also add new pics to the app. The app is updated with 100s of pics everyday. Be sure to check the app everyday for new pics.

Aging booth for iPhone
AgingBooth for iPhone is a funny way to age the photos of your family, friends. The photos can be instantly shared on social networking sites. Some of the features of the app are choosing a face among many, auto cropping, instant transformation process, save results etc.

Mirror Mirror
mirror app for iPhone
The app is a versatile and free mirror application for your iPhone. The app has no needless frames, hence you can get the full viewing area. The app also functions as flashlight.

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