Nokia Lumia 920: 5 Latest Windows Phone Apps

Check out the latest windows phone apps released for Nokia Lumia 920 in October, 2012:

Xbox SmartGlass
xbox smartglass app for windows phone
The app for Nokia Lumia 920 lets your phone works with your Xbox gaming console. With this app you can navigate your xbox 360, use the phone's keyboard to type to xbox, browse the web, interact with your favorite TV shows, music, search the xbox from the mobile etc. This is a must have app for Nokia Lumia 920 if you have xbox in your home.

Chase Mobile
Chase Mobile windows phone app
With chase mobile app for windows phone, you an easily do 24x7 banking while on a go. All you need to do is just enroll to chase online. The app has an average of 4.5 star rating from 548 users.

Extraction app for Nokia lumia 920
Extraction for windows phone is a 3D shooter game with stunning visuals. Some of the features of the game are fully 3D engine, Epic campaign, multiple game modes, explosive weaponry, upgradable character's armor, skills etc.

Burglar Alarm
Burglar Alarm windows phone
Burglar Alarm for windows phone 8 secures your device. With this app, you can safely leave your phone connected to your computer and be sure that no one will look at your personal stuff in the phone.

Babel Rising 3D
Babel Rising 3D Game
Babel Rising 3D for Nokia Lumia 920 is an interesting game in which you need to destroy the defiant idols of human vanity. You will be playing the role of God in single player campaign mode where you can rise the challange, conrol the elements etc.

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