Smartphone App Roundup: Skifta, AfterGlow, PDF Reader, yWeather

Check out Today's apps for your smartphone(iOS, Android, WP 8, BlackBerry):

Skifta for Android
Skifta for Android is a DLNA Certified software app which allows you to control media content on your phone and allow you to stream it over Wi-Fi to your TV. Skifta users can also access photos, music and videos from Instagram and Dropbox accounts.
Skifta for Android
Afterglow for iPhone
Afterglow for iPhone is an image editing app that enhances your photos with several glowing effects.
After Glow for iPhone
The app features:
  • 12 Adjustment Tools 
  • 30 Filters 
  • 20 Textures 
  • Cropping & Transforming Tools
  • Frames 
WP 8 PDF Reader
Today, a new PDF Reader app from Microsoft for WP 8 devices has been popped up in marketplace.
WP 8 PDF reader
With this app you can:
  • Quickly open PDF files
  • Bookmark pages and jump back to the bookmark from anywhere in the document
  • Easily zoom in on text or images for a closer view
  • Search text to find specific information
  • View documents in single page mode or continuous mode
  • Resume document reading from the same point you left it last time.
yWeather for BlackBerry
yWeather for BlackBerry is a progressive weather app for your phone. The app supports live icon and live wallpaper.
yweather for BlackBerry
Some of the features of the app are:
  • Works all over the world, the widest database of places and cities around the world
  • Always accurate and up to date weather forecast
  • Detailed forecast contents information about wind, humidity, pressure etc.
  • Long-term forecast up to 10 days forward
  • Automatic update
  • Live icon shows actual weather and temperature
  • Live wallpaper with actual weather forecast
  • Easy sharing over the email, SMS, Twitter or Copy&Paste

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