Top 10 iPhone Apps for Women

Best iPhone Apps for Women
Every woman wants to make her life a bit at ease. And one way to make things humbler is to make use of Technology to upsurge production, thus saving time and money.

Check out the list of Top 10 must-have iPhone apps:

Women Calendar
It’s a fertility app for the iPhone that helps you to either get pregnant or avoid it. It is a powerful Fertility Awareness tool for people who attempt to conceive, avoid maternity, schedule special occasions, or create plans around fertility cycles.

With MyFitnessPal, you can set a daily calorie aim and track your workout and food consumption. This is perfect if you like to see your improvement via a visual illustration. You can also sync this app with the online version for even easier access. One of the greatest free calorie-counter apps accessible on iPhone.

Grocery IQ
The easiest way to create and use a grocery list, Grocery IQ allows you to modify shopping classes, make lists for multiple stores, and even print and email coupons. This is an amusing app that really does simplify grocery shopping.

This is probably women's favorite. This freebie app allows you to set various alarms to inform you during the day to take medicine, make a phone call or to manage meetings and occasions. It is user-friendly and has a clear and easy-to-read design.

This app is a portable life-management and personal-assistant tool. It has tons of choices to generate and organize lists, projects and errands. It is also visually attractive, with pastel colors and a flower drawing that makes all your data easy to locate and access. Personal Finance
The app keep tracks of financial dealings and accounts all at one place. So far, this has been the most effective way most women have found to generate and stick to a monthly budget. It is also wonderful to see all of the monthly income categorized for later reference. Pro
If you like to cook, or want a recipe for almost any dish thinkable, this is the app for you. The setup is much like its website equivalent. It is fast and easy to use, to organize, save and share recipes.

The perfect place to keep track of your loyalty cards, gift cards, grosses and coupons. This handy (and free) app is password-protected and permits you upload photos of your cards so that you don’t need to carry them in your wallet. Everything that makes the women’s purse less cluttered is a definite win for them.

Dragon Dictation
This voice-recognition app allows you to multitask by verbalizing messages, texts and emails. The app can improve your typing skills five times faster than using a keyboard. The fact that this app is completely free still amazes people.

Women love this game and it is the perfect time passer when stuck waiting at school or teams practice. It is fun and keeps the brain active.

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