Top 5 Android Games with Stunning Graphics

Check out the Top 5 Android games with stunning graphics and addictive gameplay:

NFS Most Wanted
NFS most wanted for android
NFS is the most popular racing game on computers and EA has released the game for Android recently. Stunning graphics, hot cars, police force and high quality gameplay engages you for hours while on a go.

GTA III for Android
GTA III from Rockstar is one of the must-have games for Android phones. The game features high quality graphics, HD resolution, custom controls, haptic vibration feedback etc.

Temple Run
Temple run for android
Temple run is very addictive game with stunning graphics. The game has 50 million players worldwide. Run fast to save your life and beat your friend scores.

FrontLine Commando
Frontline commando for android
Frontline Commando is an ultimate 3rd person shooting game with stunning visuals, advanced physics and great controls. The deadly missions engages you for hours.

Angry Birds Star Wars
Angry Birds star wars must have android game
Angry Birds Star wars has been released recently and the game is an instant hit. The game is very much addictive and has new gameplay features like blasters, jedi powers etc.

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