Temple Run 2 for Android available to download

Temple Run 2 for Android
The makers of Temple Run, which redefined the mobile gaming has released the new version of the game, Temple Run 2. In this game you can do more running, jumping, turning etc.

Some of the features of the app are:
  • Stunning Graphics
  • Gorgeous new organic environments
  • New obstacles
  • More powerups
  • More achievements
  • Special powers for each character
  • Bigger monkey
The game was already been downloaded by 6 million people on Android. Download the game from Google Play.

5 Best Mobile Apps for Women Safety

Women Safety Mobile Apps
Women have different types of necessities in her daily life and now a woman has got new way to simplify and modify her life. Many apps have not only made a woman’s life simpler and easier but have also made her more secure and safer. It will protect a woman from any type of domestic violence, sexual assaults and other violent crimes through its SOS functionality.

Considering this as a vital point, here you can find 5 best apps for women safety:

Circle of 6
In any emergency you can communicate to your 6 trusted contacts at just one tap on your phone and all your predefined contacts will know that you need their help. They will also come to know your location through GPS with this app. Your contacts can reach to you and you are saved from the mishap.

Life 360 family locator
This is another good application for your safety through which you can send your emergency SOS messages to your family members and friends. It is an information app which makes others aware about your emergency situation, your locations, sex offenders and crime reports in your neighborhood and can serve as a guide to your helpers.

Prevention is always better than cure or repent. In todays scenario it’s a need for a woman to know about such apps and to have them. Fightback intimates your trusted contacts for your conditions and need with the help of GPS, SMS, maps, GPRS and emails. A must have app for ladies for their safety.

Guardly is another best application in this league. As you tap this mobile application in your phone, it gets activated and works as a good-guard of yours. It communicates with your loved ones and let them know about your location. Your contact will get to know that you are in need and at such location. You get assistance in time.

Last in the list but of-course not the least because of its needs. We cannot predict the time, so if we keep our-self prepared for the worse, the worse would never happen. This application sends messages to your pre-defined contacts, raises alarm and helps your contact in reaching them to you with its GPS system.

These apps are interlinked with the woman’s safety and are of great use to them. So, you do not need to be worried if you get separated from your friends at late night and are facing any type of risk related to your safety, as this special tracking system will reduce your trouble.

To download any of the apps above, just search for them in the marketplace on your phone.


Best NFC Apps for Android

NFC the “Near field communication” is a set of standards applicable for smart-phones which uses platforms like Android. It helps communicate between two devices by touching them together or bringing them into near to each other. NFC is compatible only with high-end Android phones like Samsung Galaxy S III. NFC apps for android will speed up your productivity.

Some of the best NFC apps of android are as follows:

Alarm clock NFC
Alarm clock NFC for Android
It will no longer make you remain lazy.. ha ha. This application will make you get up in the morning at a time you had decided last night. Hey, you can have random puzzles in every alarm, Facebook aided-motivation, time-to-bed notification; sleep chart, custom labels, disable alarm with NFC etc. Finally, it will really make you wake-up and will make you learn time management.

NFC Actions
NFC actions
You can do multitasking through NFC actions and you can do calling, messaging, browsing, checking-in with Foursquare, etc. and all at one time through this special app. You will get quick response through NFC actions.

Phone Tapping
There are many apps available with NFC for android phones and through just phone tapping, you can add new acquaintance and friends quite easily. It is quite important for existing social networking website users. You can also transfer money through PayPal with the help of just NFC-phone-tapping. Few years back, it was un-imaginable about what can be done by just phone-tapping, but now its all possible. The apps are:
With the above apps, you can make your NFC phones even better. NFC is limited in small area, you can communicate through NFC in a boundary place, but still it is becoming quite popular with its growing demand in market. You can transfer your data through NFC and if your device is NFC supported, then you can only transfer the information.


8 Great iPhone Apps for Bloggers

iPhone Apps for Bloggers
iPhone has been one of the most used devices by bloggers. As bloggers cannot carry the computer every where they go, they can make use of these apps to blog effectively.

Bloggers have to stay connected to the internet at all times. They have to constantly be in touch with their blog and check the updates and interact with users accordingly. With social networking they can update to their audience and stay in touch with them. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are something that bloggers would need at all times because they are great platforms to reach users and and a new set of audience.

The advent of smartphones has really helped the bloggers to keep blogging from any part of the world at anytime. Bloggers use a lot of apps in order to make their job easier. There is a huge demand for iPhones and the demand is ever increasing. There are apps now available that will help you publish your posts easily. You have WordPress and Blogger apps on iPhone and iPad which will help you to write, edit and publish blog posts. So if you are a blogger who wants to manage your blog through your iPhone, then here is some great blogging apps that you can use. These apps will help you manage your blog anytime and anywhere.

WordPress:- It is the largest blog publishing platform in the world. If you have a WordPress blog then you will be able to manage your blog with the WordPress app.  It is a simple app with all necessary features. It might crash at times but it is a good app which will help you take care of the blog.

Blogger:- Many bloggers have left Google’s Blogger and migrated to other platforms. But if you are still loyal to Blogger then you can get this app and just likie the Wordpress app, this will also help you to manage your blog from your phone.

Tumblr:- This has been a favorite among bloggers and many bloggers make use of Tumblr. So if you are on your iPhone you can make use of this app. It is the same as the web app that we use, which will make it easier for you to use Tumblr on your iPhone.

Typepad:- This app has actually won awards and it is a real simple app and will help you publish your posts with ease. It is available on iPhone and iPad, it is also a free app.

Blogsy:- This app is specially for those who use iPad for blogging. It is a great app through which you can manage any of your blogs like WordPress  Tumblr, Blogger and many more. You can also manage your social networking accounts of Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube and others.

Instagram:- The latest kid on the social networking platform, has become an instant hit. If you are into photo blogging then you can take advantage of this app. There are millions of users who are already using this app and it can benefit any blogger who will post photos on their blog.

YouTube Capture:- This is another app that is tremendous if you are a blogger or if you constantly upload vidoes onto your YouTube account. You can also edit your videos along with its brightness and upload it to your YouTube account. If you are a blogger that uses video as a medium then this app will come in handy.

Flickr:- This is another great app when you want to share and manage your photos. You can capture images and upload it instantly. This app was just launched recently. So as blogger if you like photo blogging and get the Flickr on iPhone.

All these apps are important to a blogger who wants to blog in any way he wants at anytime. So if you are serious about blogging then take advantage of these apps and blog whenever you want where ever you want.

Author Bio:- Samuel Decosta is the author of this article. He has been writing about mobile apps and mobile app development for the last couple of years. He works for a mobile application development company.  


20 New Apps for iOS, Android & Windows Phone

Android iOS Windows phone Apps
High resolution colors, scintillating music, 3D graphics, strong actions, viable sequences, various stages, connecting story-board etc are all that a mobile gamers look for and their need is satisfied by modern-day high-end mobile app games brought by iOS, Android and Window based mobiles. People are becoming addicted for such games and applications and they are always lookout for new games.

People’s technological instinct is not ready to compromise with less and they are always looking for the best. They are always inquisitive to know – “which is the best new app”.

Here we are summarizing the 20 new best iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps based on a research on reach, acceptability, popularity, quality, technology, game-options, etc.

Real Boxing (iOS)
If you want to play boxing with the feel of a real game, this one is a right choice for you. Real Boxing is one of the most popular iOS games.

Real Boxing has got:
  • Amazing 3D Graphics & Sound
  • Incredibly Deep Gameplay
  • Revolutionary V-Motion Control System
Skylanders Lost Islands (iOS)
This is another popular iOS application and is free to download. This new holiday item is a multilingual application and is quite easy to play.

It’s features:
  • Customization of your own island.
  • Creating your own design.
  • Exploring mysterious and surprising islands.
The above features makes this application very popular among adventure gamers.

Arranger (iOS)
This iOS application is guaranteed to quench your thirst for music and games. This is a mix of puzzle game, adventure and magical fantasy but with a base of music built specially for music lovers and developed by musicians.

Its interactive soundtrack genres will make you crazy for this app.

Draw Something (Windows)
This is a most popular social drawing application which you can play with your friends on twitter, Facebook, Android and iOS. This is a great game to play with words and images where you will have 2500 Words to draw, 200 Coins to collect and Bombs to use.

Hunters Episode One (Android)
With the backdrop of universe you can be a bounty hunter in the galaxy with building your own team of mercenaries in this turn-based strategy game. No set-rules; play with your own tactics.

It’s a highly adventurous game to play where you can customize your hunters and can navigate them.

Words with Friends (Windows)
If you play Words-with-Friends, you are sure to be hooked to it with this social networking game. Its real exciting and significant experience to do word building, triple score seeking, chat bubble sending, etc and that too with your friends.

This is another game worth for the list.

Candy Crush Saga (iOS)
Candy Crush Saga as the name says is the sweetest game with tasty graphics, fun to play with easy modes, Leader-boards for your friends, Boosters and charms to help with difficult levels.

It’s definitely a good time-pass game.

Ingress (Android)
Experience the real world with intrigue, mystery and competition in your hand held device. With a great story-board and real-life graphics you are never alone with this game.

You have a mission to accomplish with embracing the power and struggle to defend. This is a must-have game.

DragonVale (Android / iOS)
If you have interest for dragons, this game is definitely going to catch your attention where you have lovely dragons, magical islands, custom habitats, dragon races, delighted paths, dragon farms and all this with fantastic animations and scintillating music.

Try this game and find your affection with dragons.

Coaster Crazy (iOS)
Do you know what you can do with a coaster?  You can build them, ride them and crash them and all in with superb 3D effects. Isn’t it interesting to roam around the world - the world of coasters?

Coaster crazy is a coaster game to make you crazy.

Walking Mars (Android)
Woooh… Here is the Mars Game with epic adventure, actions, and discovery where you become the discoverer of the hidden facts of mars and also establish your own ecosystem.

An action game with many adventure levels to explore.

Sonic CD (Windows)
Take the control of time and guide the past and the future. A game of adventure, a game of mission and of course a game worth playing.  It’s a brilliant and awesome game and is liked by gamers like you.

Shadowgun Deadzone (Android / iOS)
A multiplayer, highly action-packed combat game. Increase your rankings and unlock the zones - the dead-zones. It’s game of real-man who uses arsenal, rifles, guns and machines to crush the opponent.

Its multiplayer voice-chat feature makes it more distinctive.

Dream of Pixels (iOS)
Falling block puzzle game has mass-popularity and in this segment Dream-of-Pixels has made its position with its brilliant twist on the old classic - unpack tetromino blocks instead of the usual packing. This could be your latest dream if you like block-games.

Gear Jack (iOS)
You have heard of black-hole, now it’s the time to go closer to it in your w-hale starship. Its unique visual style with cool animations makes it popular among star-war games.

Chip Chain (iOS)
Once you have it in your device, you can not stop yourself from playing this well-crafted, highly entertaining and enjoying game. Make your chain with matching three or more identical chips to escalate to different valuable chips.

Beat Hazard Ultra (Android)
This is yet another most popular music game with unique feature of rocking out with your own music album where you play an arcade shooter with deep intense music, and that too - your own. A lovely game for music- lovers.

My Little Pony (Android)
Let’s move around moon with twilight sparkle and with your friends. Play with your favorite ponies like Rainbow Dash, Flutter shy, Applejack and more. You would enjoy this game for sure.

Lazy Raiders (iOS)
An archaeologist in you would love to have this game. Be lazy and get rich by moving the world around you. So tilt, spin and flip the world around the archaeologist in gravity and enjoy.

Free Skate Xtreme (iOS)
It’s the best skate game in hand-held device with most innovative street stunts which is loved by all.
It has full-body motion controls with scores of free-runners and fabulous animations.

Download the above apps by simply searching them on the appstore/marketplace in your mobile.

5 Best Android Games of 2012

Top 5 Android Games of 2012
Android - the most popular operating system has gone much ahead in touch-based mobile-platform, as compared to its competitors. A drastic change has taken place through the development of android in the world of modern technology. Because of its use by many mobile manufacturers and its popularity, it has gained attention of many app developers and mobile-game developers. Thus it has now emerged as the most popular platform for game-developers. Android presents you huge collections of different games so that you can pick up your own choice among them.

Check out the five best android games of 2012:

Horn is one of the most popular android games of 2012 and it is an adventurous and interesting game which you can download in your tablets and smartphones. The game features accessible controls and intuitive gestures. Horn provides you the following multiple features.
  • Anyone can perform walking, jumping, crawling options over the game.
  • It is freely navigable and not confined between the limitations.
  • You will discover a rich and unique fantasy world throughout the whole game.
  • You can escalate endlessly challenging modes.
Angry Birds Star Wars:
The newest edition of angry birds star wars, created in 2012 is another interesting game which deals with the group of desperate rebel birds. You can download this game free of cost and join an adventurous journey.

Jetpack Joyride:
Android presents you jetpack joyride game and it is totally free. It is an impressive, endless running game which is fully customized and through this game you shall have lots of enjoyment. This game is released by Halfbrick Studios in September, 2012 and the game deals with the strong sense of humour.

Rayman Jungle Run:
You can see your legendary platforming hero Rayman in your favorite mobile device by installing Rayman Jungle Run in your phone and it is a game full of amusement. This game contains multiple features as well as beautiful graphics, captivating music and exclusive wallpapers.

Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery:
This is another android game which is free to download. In this game, music and visual presentation are quite effective and players can enjoy a lot with this game. You will get full advantages of processing capability of Android with this game.


Samsung ChatON 2.0 now Available to All Devices

Samsung ChatON 2.0
Samsung has released ChatON 2.0 in over 200 countries in more than 60 languages with new UI and some great features:
  • With Multi-screen capability you can chat upto 5 friends at a time.
  • Invite friends from different platforms and social networking sites.
  • Easy content sharing with new feature called Trunk.
  • ChatOn Special Buddy that provides real-time news, updates and offers.
  • Personal profiles support.
  • Customization and Personalization options.
The app comes preloaded in all samsung mobiles. The app runs on almost all platforms including iOS,Android, BlackBerry, Bada, Feature phones, Tablets and PC Web version at http://chaton.com/

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