5 Best Android Games of 2012

Top 5 Android Games of 2012
Android - the most popular operating system has gone much ahead in touch-based mobile-platform, as compared to its competitors. A drastic change has taken place through the development of android in the world of modern technology. Because of its use by many mobile manufacturers and its popularity, it has gained attention of many app developers and mobile-game developers. Thus it has now emerged as the most popular platform for game-developers. Android presents you huge collections of different games so that you can pick up your own choice among them.

Check out the five best android games of 2012:

Horn is one of the most popular android games of 2012 and it is an adventurous and interesting game which you can download in your tablets and smartphones. The game features accessible controls and intuitive gestures. Horn provides you the following multiple features.
  • Anyone can perform walking, jumping, crawling options over the game.
  • It is freely navigable and not confined between the limitations.
  • You will discover a rich and unique fantasy world throughout the whole game.
  • You can escalate endlessly challenging modes.
Angry Birds Star Wars:
The newest edition of angry birds star wars, created in 2012 is another interesting game which deals with the group of desperate rebel birds. You can download this game free of cost and join an adventurous journey.

Jetpack Joyride:
Android presents you jetpack joyride game and it is totally free. It is an impressive, endless running game which is fully customized and through this game you shall have lots of enjoyment. This game is released by Halfbrick Studios in September, 2012 and the game deals with the strong sense of humour.

Rayman Jungle Run:
You can see your legendary platforming hero Rayman in your favorite mobile device by installing Rayman Jungle Run in your phone and it is a game full of amusement. This game contains multiple features as well as beautiful graphics, captivating music and exclusive wallpapers.

Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery:
This is another android game which is free to download. In this game, music and visual presentation are quite effective and players can enjoy a lot with this game. You will get full advantages of processing capability of Android with this game.


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