5 Best Mobile Apps for Women Safety

Women Safety Mobile Apps
Women have different types of necessities in her daily life and now a woman has got new way to simplify and modify her life. Many apps have not only made a woman’s life simpler and easier but have also made her more secure and safer. It will protect a woman from any type of domestic violence, sexual assaults and other violent crimes through its SOS functionality.

Considering this as a vital point, here you can find 5 best apps for women safety:

Circle of 6
In any emergency you can communicate to your 6 trusted contacts at just one tap on your phone and all your predefined contacts will know that you need their help. They will also come to know your location through GPS with this app. Your contacts can reach to you and you are saved from the mishap.

Life 360 family locator
This is another good application for your safety through which you can send your emergency SOS messages to your family members and friends. It is an information app which makes others aware about your emergency situation, your locations, sex offenders and crime reports in your neighborhood and can serve as a guide to your helpers.

Prevention is always better than cure or repent. In todays scenario it’s a need for a woman to know about such apps and to have them. Fightback intimates your trusted contacts for your conditions and need with the help of GPS, SMS, maps, GPRS and emails. A must have app for ladies for their safety.

Guardly is another best application in this league. As you tap this mobile application in your phone, it gets activated and works as a good-guard of yours. It communicates with your loved ones and let them know about your location. Your contact will get to know that you are in need and at such location. You get assistance in time.

Last in the list but of-course not the least because of its needs. We cannot predict the time, so if we keep our-self prepared for the worse, the worse would never happen. This application sends messages to your pre-defined contacts, raises alarm and helps your contact in reaching them to you with its GPS system.

These apps are interlinked with the woman’s safety and are of great use to them. So, you do not need to be worried if you get separated from your friends at late night and are facing any type of risk related to your safety, as this special tracking system will reduce your trouble.

To download any of the apps above, just search for them in the marketplace on your phone.


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