8 Great iPhone Apps for Bloggers

iPhone Apps for Bloggers
iPhone has been one of the most used devices by bloggers. As bloggers cannot carry the computer every where they go, they can make use of these apps to blog effectively.

Bloggers have to stay connected to the internet at all times. They have to constantly be in touch with their blog and check the updates and interact with users accordingly. With social networking they can update to their audience and stay in touch with them. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are something that bloggers would need at all times because they are great platforms to reach users and and a new set of audience.

The advent of smartphones has really helped the bloggers to keep blogging from any part of the world at anytime. Bloggers use a lot of apps in order to make their job easier. There is a huge demand for iPhones and the demand is ever increasing. There are apps now available that will help you publish your posts easily. You have WordPress and Blogger apps on iPhone and iPad which will help you to write, edit and publish blog posts. So if you are a blogger who wants to manage your blog through your iPhone, then here is some great blogging apps that you can use. These apps will help you manage your blog anytime and anywhere.

WordPress:- It is the largest blog publishing platform in the world. If you have a WordPress blog then you will be able to manage your blog with the WordPress app.  It is a simple app with all necessary features. It might crash at times but it is a good app which will help you take care of the blog.

Blogger:- Many bloggers have left Google’s Blogger and migrated to other platforms. But if you are still loyal to Blogger then you can get this app and just likie the Wordpress app, this will also help you to manage your blog from your phone.

Tumblr:- This has been a favorite among bloggers and many bloggers make use of Tumblr. So if you are on your iPhone you can make use of this app. It is the same as the web app that we use, which will make it easier for you to use Tumblr on your iPhone.

Typepad:- This app has actually won awards and it is a real simple app and will help you publish your posts with ease. It is available on iPhone and iPad, it is also a free app.

Blogsy:- This app is specially for those who use iPad for blogging. It is a great app through which you can manage any of your blogs like WordPress  Tumblr, Blogger and many more. You can also manage your social networking accounts of Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube and others.

Instagram:- The latest kid on the social networking platform, has become an instant hit. If you are into photo blogging then you can take advantage of this app. There are millions of users who are already using this app and it can benefit any blogger who will post photos on their blog.

YouTube Capture:- This is another app that is tremendous if you are a blogger or if you constantly upload vidoes onto your YouTube account. You can also edit your videos along with its brightness and upload it to your YouTube account. If you are a blogger that uses video as a medium then this app will come in handy.

Flickr:- This is another great app when you want to share and manage your photos. You can capture images and upload it instantly. This app was just launched recently. So as blogger if you like photo blogging and get the Flickr on iPhone.

All these apps are important to a blogger who wants to blog in any way he wants at anytime. So if you are serious about blogging then take advantage of these apps and blog whenever you want where ever you want.

Author Bio:- Samuel Decosta is the author of this article. He has been writing about mobile apps and mobile app development for the last couple of years. He works for a mobile application development company.  


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