Best NFC Apps for Android

NFC the “Near field communication” is a set of standards applicable for smart-phones which uses platforms like Android. It helps communicate between two devices by touching them together or bringing them into near to each other. NFC is compatible only with high-end Android phones like Samsung Galaxy S III. NFC apps for android will speed up your productivity.

Some of the best NFC apps of android are as follows:

Alarm clock NFC
Alarm clock NFC for Android
It will no longer make you remain lazy.. ha ha. This application will make you get up in the morning at a time you had decided last night. Hey, you can have random puzzles in every alarm, Facebook aided-motivation, time-to-bed notification; sleep chart, custom labels, disable alarm with NFC etc. Finally, it will really make you wake-up and will make you learn time management.

NFC Actions
NFC actions
You can do multitasking through NFC actions and you can do calling, messaging, browsing, checking-in with Foursquare, etc. and all at one time through this special app. You will get quick response through NFC actions.

Phone Tapping
There are many apps available with NFC for android phones and through just phone tapping, you can add new acquaintance and friends quite easily. It is quite important for existing social networking website users. You can also transfer money through PayPal with the help of just NFC-phone-tapping. Few years back, it was un-imaginable about what can be done by just phone-tapping, but now its all possible. The apps are:
With the above apps, you can make your NFC phones even better. NFC is limited in small area, you can communicate through NFC in a boundary place, but still it is becoming quite popular with its growing demand in market. You can transfer your data through NFC and if your device is NFC supported, then you can only transfer the information.


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