Nokia Lumia App: Oreo Skies for WP8

oreo skies for nokia lumia
Nokia has released an exclusive Lumia App, Oreo Skies. The app is a messaging app and it shows the sky view.

Developers about app:
Introducing the new Oreo Skies app designed for Nokia Lumia smartphones!  Celebrate the “kid within” by pointing your Lumia at the sky, no matter what time of day or night, and explore a map of stars and constellations where you can message with your friends via Facebook.  If you post the most messages during a lunar cycle, you get to “own the moon” and post something for the entire Oreo Skies network to see.  Tap shooting stars to unlock hidden messages and special offers.  Kid’s favorite cookie just went out of this world with Oreo Skies!
Though the app is good, many users found bugs in it and we hope that developers of the app are listening to users.

If you want to try the app, download it from marketplace.

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