Nokia Play To for WP8 now Available

Play to for WP8
Nokia has finally released Play To app for WP8. With this app you can share your photos, videos and music from your Nokia Lumia WP8 phone to your DLNA-capable devices like TV, Laptop, Xbox etc over your WLAN network. Play To makes sharing easy.

This is the first release for Nokia Lumia WP8 devices. In terms of functionality, it has the same functionality as the Play To application for WP7 based Lumia devices.


Play To application will require following firmware or greater in order to work:
  • Nokia Lumia 920 - PR1.1 (1232.5951.1249.0001)
  • Nokia Lumia 820 - PR1.1 (1232.5951.1249.0001)
  • Nokia Lumia 822 - PR1.1
  • Nokia Lumia 810 - PR1.1
  • Nokia Lumia 620 - Any firmware


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