Talk Translate: Best Translation App for Android

talk translate app review
Talk Translate is one of the best translation apps that I use on my Samsung Galaxy S3. Currently I am staying in Korea and it's hard to communicate with people here without knowing Korean language. But this app has made my life easier.

The app can translate the text you spoke into several different languages. I mostly use from English to Korean and vice versa. It does the job as described in the app description. All I have to do is connect to LTE network and speak in English, the app will immediately translates the sentence into Korean. And if my neighbor speaks in Korean, it translates for me in English. Awesome app.

I recommend this app on your Android phone if you are traveling to any foreign country where language might be the barrier. It also works on phones with Gingerbread installed.

Some of the features of the app are:
  • You can translate and listen languages(36 ea) on the world by this
  • The voice recognition of 12 languages is available
  • The real-time translation is possible on the internet-enabled state
  • You can manage(save/delete/share/move) the result of translation
Download Talk Translate app from Google Play.

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