Active Lockscreen for Android allows you to access your favorite apps in single swipe

Active screenlock for Android is a personalization app that enables you to customize your device to be as unique as you are! The app provides you with a cool personalized and user friendly starting screen for your Android phone.

You can choose your look and feel from a plethora of custom themes that keep adding everyday. With Active, you can enable fast and easy access to your most frequently used apps, contacts, messages, personalized content and camera functions. All your favorite functionality can be accessed with a single swipe.

After installing, you can use one swipe on your new lock screen to:
  • Call your favorite numbers, recent contacts or open the phone’s dialer
  • View and access your personalized photo gallery
  • Launch recently used apps or predefined apps
  • Stream social media updates on your locked screen
  • Send text messages or communicate through Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Email and Gmail
  • Launch your camera or any picture related apps such as Instagram, Mobli and more
  • Read personalized content that are streamed with a preview
Download the app for FREE from google play.

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