Apple's 5th Anniversary Free Apps

Apple 5th anniversary apps
When it comes to apps for smart phones, there are a few noteworthy lasting trends. For example, each new edition of Angry Birds tends to become the highest rated game in the app stores, and popular music app Spotify has been near the top of the charts for some time now. Meanwhile, there is also fleeting popularity for innovative apps that are a bit more independent, such as ShareFile for file sharing and cloud storage, or Vine, the latest in social networking (for the moment).

This past week, however, Apple has done something a bit unique regarding some of its more popular apps. To help celebrate the 5th year anniversary of the launch of the app store, Apple has made 5 apps (as well as 5 games) completely free. Given that these particular apps typically cost a decent bit, the promotion was a major app event. So here are a few words on the 5 original apps (a few others eventually got marked down as well).

Barefoot World Atlas
Typically listed at $4.99, this reference app is an interactive digital globe meant mostly for children and enthusiasts of geography and sociology. The map allows users to swirl around the world clicking on countries and features to learn highlight facts and bits of information. All in all, it's relatively simple, but it's a good bit of fun if it's the sort of thing that interests you, and can be a good learning tool for children.

Day One
Another $4.99 app, Day One is essentially a thorough journaling program for your digital devices. Record your thoughts with an automated calendar, and include photos to enhance your recording of events. Many users get addicted quite quickly, and it's great for trips.

How To Cook Everything
Usually $9.99, this is one of the most extensive cookbooks you'll find, purely in its reach from beginner tips to veteran recipes. The book covers topics as simple as how to slice and dice, offers simple tutorials on basic cooking methods, and perhaps most importantly offers a massive library of different recipes. It's a handy tool for anyone, but perfect for someone just getting into cooking.

This is a simpler app, typically costing users $1.99, but it's fun to play around with. Basically, it's a captioning app for your photos, but is set apart somewhat by the ability to put captions in and among your photos (instead of just at the bottom).

Traktor DJ
This advanced DJ mixing app has cost up to $20 in the past, and is a favorite among those who like to mix different audio files. The app is praised as one that brings pro quality DJ mixing concepts and capabilities into an app form that can be used quickly and simply. It may not be the best tool for an accomplished DJ, but for a music enthusiast or someone just looking for a fun app, it's not over the top.

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