Best 10 Everyday Apps for Smartphones

Check out our pick for the 10 apps you could use every day.

1.Flipboard: From the day it launched, it was a game changer for the iPad. This app, which makes reading your favourite web sites more like flicking through a magazine, is now available for iPhone, iPad and Android.

2. Google Maps: Google Maps has just been updated this week. While Apple Maps has come a long way from its troubled beginnings, Google Maps is still the map app that most people will turn to when they're needing to go from A to B.

3. News: Everyone has their favourite news service. You might prefer to check the mobile site for your local newspaper. My tip is to go to and save it as a bookmark to your smartphone's opening page. News is then always at your finger tips.

4. Weather: You wake up, you reach for your smartphone and check the weather to decide whether it's worth getting out of bed. There's huge competition in the weather app market but Pocket Weather Australia is hard to beat.

5. MyFitnessPal: Sure, not everyone wants to log their daily exercise or count their calories but give it a try. This great little app lets you scan your food using the barcode and will help you keep in shape by looking at how much food you consume and energy you burn.

6. Banking: It's impossible to name one banking app. But whatever bank you use, download their app. It will simplify your life.

7. Beanhunter: Need coffee, now. Whether you just want a change from your local haunt or need to find a cafe in a new area this app will guide you to your nearest caffeine fix.

8. Facebook: There are many people who would list this as their number one app. To them we say, go forth and like your friends, a lot.

9. iView: The television industry is still coming to terms with the "second screen", whether that be the tablet we use to interact with our social networks while watching TV or this - a way of watching the shows you want to watch when you want to watch them on the device of your choice. In Tour de France season, we reckon you need SBS On Demand too.

10.Foxtel Go: Before you complain, we appreciate that if you don't have a Foxtel account, then this is not on your daily list. But if you do have a Foxtel account, having this on your smartphone, table, or now even on your PC or Mac will revolutionise how and when you watch your favourite TV shows.

Tell us what daily apps you think we should use.

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