Tether-X: Best Tethering App for Windows Phone!

tether x for windows.PNG
Tether-X helps you turn your windows phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot. By configuring a few settings in your computer, you can take advantage of the big screen to do anything you want on the web using your phone's data plan. You can also use applications that utilize the web on your computer that are not available on the phone.

You need to have a regular wireless network or setup a wireless adhoc network between your computer and your phone. Then you need set your browser's proxy to the proxy that Tether-X provides to you.

1) Setup adhoc network on your computer if you don't have a regular wireless network. More info: http://bit.ly/setupwireless
2) Connect to adhoc network that you have created or the regular wireless network from your phone
3) Launch the Tether-X app and tap 'start proxy engine'
4) Set your browser's proxy to the proxy address that Tether-X provides you. More info: http://bit.ly/setupproxy
5) Enjoy you internet on your computer via phone :)
6) Good luck!

Download the app from windows marketplace.


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