Gameloft's GT Racing 2 for iPhone/iPad - A Quick Review

I have a habit of regularly checking Top charts in the App store and today i found a new game  GT Racing 2 by Gameloft which is in No.1 spot.  It is a limited region release game right now and i am not sure about the world wide release.

I got my hands on this game today on my iPad, which i can say has simply stunning graphics compared to its previous release. Gameloft has designed a detailed, realistic look. For sure it has shadows from Real Racing 3 borrowing many features but there are little tweaks to make it special. There is waiting time for upgrades like RR3 but no wait times for repairs!.

It has asynchronous multi player mode which puts players up against the times of other racers to compete similar to Real Racing 3's Time shifted multi player. It has 67 Cars on 13 tracks with 1,400 events with new challenges every week.

Finally, the game looks good and you can try in between your Real Racing 3 breaks. It is available only in Canadian App store, if you have CA store account go download the 1 GB game here at Apple store.

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