Microsoft launches OneDrive Application for BlackBerry 10

Unlike Google and Apple, Microsoft does not hesitate to offer its services to users of other platforms. OneDrive is already available on Android and iOS. Now it was launched for BlackBerry 10.

OneDrive is the new online storage service that replaces SkyDrive. The app is absolutely free, that includes a storage space of 7GB. You can extend the storage space upto 10 GB with several storage schemes for free. If you want more space you can opt for additional paying plans.

With this app you can store all your videos, photos and documents in cloud for accessing them while on a go. The app also allows you to edit Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents directly.

With OneDrive, Microsoft offers a little more variety to BlackBerry 10 users and, in particular, an interesting alternative to the popular DropBox.

Download the app from BlackBerry.

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