iPhone 6 will hit the market in December

The mass production of iPhone 6 will take place in September and as per the inside reports, the phone will be hitting market in December. iPhone 6 will be available in 2 versions 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch. This is the first time, Apple is releasing iPhone with large screen in direct competition to Android manufacturers.

  Previously it has been reported that the two versions of the iPhone 6 will not be released at the same time. First iPhone 6 with 4.7 inch screen will be released and then after a gap of 3 months iPhone 6 with 5.5 inch screen will be released. iPhone 6 with 5.5 inch screen will have sapphire glass screen, and due to less availability of sapphire glass, 5.5 inches iPhone 6 will be postponed to be released later this year.

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