7 Advantages of Windows Phone over Android Phone

Are you confused about purchasing windows phone or android phone? Are you more interested in purchasing a windows phone?  Then check out the 7 core advantages that windows phone will provide over Android phone:

1. Security: 
Unlike apps in Android, windows app will go through a series of quality checks for virus/malware before being published on the store. So, the windows phone provides better security compared to android phones.
security of windows phone
2. Performance: 
If you are looking for phone with best specs and performance then windows phone is the one. Even an android phone with same specs has lower performance than windows phone. A windows phone with 512 MB ram is almost equal to 1 GB ram in Android, this is because windows OS have better memory management than Android.
performance of wp
3. Stability:
The windows phone will be very stable compared to android phones over time. If you had used android phones for more than a year, then your phone will start becoming slow and will hang frequently. But windows phone doesn't slow down/hang even after 2 years of usage.
4. Simple UI:
Windows phone provides simple UI with live tiles that look better than Android phones.

5. High Contrast Mode: 
Windows phone comes up with high contrast mode support that makes easy to read/browse the content on the phone during night. All you need to do is, go to accessibility options and enable high contrast mode.
high contrast mode of windows phone
6. Professional Use: 
Windows phone comes with the free office in the OS itself and thus very useful for professionals to edit the documents on the go. You can use excel, powerpoint and word documents directly from your phone without the need of any laptop.

7. Xbox games: 
Windows phone have perfect Xbox integration that works even great on low-end devices with lesser RAM.

5 Unique ways to use your Android Phone

All latest android phones are coming up with USB OTG support which is extremely useful. Check out the some of the unique ways to use your phone:

1. Connect Hard Disk/Flash drive using USB OTG
You can use the USB OTG cable to connect external hard disk up to 1 TB or flash drive to access all your favorite movies, holiday photos and loads of documents.
connect hard disk to mobile

2. Connect Keyboard and Mouse
You can use a keyboard to type long documents apart from emails & WhatsApp. You can also use the mouse for playing games or scrolling a document etc. I have used keyboard many times to type programs, office documents.
connect keyboard to moble

3. Print the documents
Modern printers can connect to Android device and print the required documents and photos from your phone.
Print the documents

4. Use as Fan and LED Light
You can buy accessories like LED light, fan etc and connect to your phone.
fan and led mobile accessories

5. As PS4 device
Using OTG, you can convert your smartphone into the PS4 device and play real time games like Asphalt8, real racing etc using a game controller.
game controller


5 Cool Android Apps People aren't Aware of

Every day thousands of android apps will be released on the play store and most of them will be unnoticed by the users. Here we tried to bring 5 cool android apps that most people aren't aware of.

1. Twin Camera:
It's a free camera application that helps you to clone yourself in the same photo. You should take both the photos with the same background and twin camera will merge both the photos into single pic as below.
twin camera android app
You can download the twin camera app from play store.

2. Dekorate:
Are you looking for interior designing your home? If so, this is the app for you. Dekorate helps you by providing great design ideas and will be part of your dream home. You can see thousands of photos of interiors and also filter them depending on your budget, color etc.
Dekorate android app
You can download the dekorate app from play store.

3. Locket:
Locket is your intelligent lock screen that saves your time, stay informed and also make your entertained. It brings trending personalized news, stories that inspire you etc. on your lock screen.
locket app
You can download the locket app from here.

4. SwipePad:
SwipePad provides a launcher panel overlay and is one of the fastest app switcher available on google play. With a single swipe, you can launch your favorite application. If you do multitasking more frequently, then this app is for you.
swipepad android app
You can download the swipe pad app from Google Play.

5. Sidebar Lite:
Sidebar Lite is yet another multitasking app for your android phone that allows you to switch between your favorite apps by taskbar on the side. It's fast, simple and heavily customizable. Some of its features include pin apps, live running apps indicators, customized colors, and sizes, minimal ram and battery usage, task killer etc.
Sidebar android app
You can download the sidebar app from Google Play.


How to check Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Safety?

Did you purchase new Samsung Galaxy Note 7? Are you concerned whether your device will explode or not? Samsung fortunately, acted very quickly on this one, and a recall has been issued for all units sold. In each country (except China) you will be ready to return your Note7 and obtain a new safe unit. These new devices that do not have the faulty batteries can arrive in most of Europe on September nineteen, and in Australia on September twenty-one. Only after people who have already bought the phone have replaced their units, new units can continue its sale.

Now if you want to check whether your phone will explode or not, you should see the label below on your Galaxy Note7's box.
note 7 box photo
Note the tiny black box on the barcode label and big blue colored "S" on the note 7 box - purportedly mentioned for "Safe". So, if your unit has this label, it's fine. If it does not, then make sure that you return it asap.

If you have lost your Note7's box but need to check about device safety, Samsung will provide IMEI codes of safe ones online from September thirteen. You'll be able to enter your handset's IMEI into it and it'll tell you if the device is good or not.

And if even that somehow does not work for you, then Samsung's customer care centers are ready to assist you to check whether or not you've got the safe model.

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