5 Unique ways to use your Android Phone

All latest android phones are coming up with USB OTG support which is extremely useful. Check out the some of the unique ways to use your phone:

1. Connect Hard Disk/Flash drive using USB OTG
You can use the USB OTG cable to connect external hard disk up to 1 TB or flash drive to access all your favorite movies, holiday photos and loads of documents.
connect hard disk to mobile

2. Connect Keyboard and Mouse
You can use a keyboard to type long documents apart from emails & WhatsApp. You can also use the mouse for playing games or scrolling a document etc. I have used keyboard many times to type programs, office documents.
connect keyboard to moble

3. Print the documents
Modern printers can connect to Android device and print the required documents and photos from your phone.
Print the documents

4. Use as Fan and LED Light
You can buy accessories like LED light, fan etc and connect to your phone.
fan and led mobile accessories

5. As PS4 device
Using OTG, you can convert your smartphone into the PS4 device and play real time games like Asphalt8, real racing etc using a game controller.
game controller


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