7 Advantages of Windows Phone over Android Phone

Are you confused about purchasing windows phone or android phone? Are you more interested in purchasing a windows phone?  Then check out the 7 core advantages that windows phone will provide over Android phone:

1. Security: 
Unlike apps in Android, windows app will go through a series of quality checks for virus/malware before being published on the store. So, the windows phone provides better security compared to android phones.
security of windows phone
2. Performance: 
If you are looking for phone with best specs and performance then windows phone is the one. Even an android phone with same specs has lower performance than windows phone. A windows phone with 512 MB ram is almost equal to 1 GB ram in Android, this is because windows OS have better memory management than Android.
performance of wp
3. Stability:
The windows phone will be very stable compared to android phones over time. If you had used android phones for more than a year, then your phone will start becoming slow and will hang frequently. But windows phone doesn't slow down/hang even after 2 years of usage.
4. Simple UI:
Windows phone provides simple UI with live tiles that look better than Android phones.

5. High Contrast Mode: 
Windows phone comes up with high contrast mode support that makes easy to read/browse the content on the phone during night. All you need to do is, go to accessibility options and enable high contrast mode.
high contrast mode of windows phone
6. Professional Use: 
Windows phone comes with the free office in the OS itself and thus very useful for professionals to edit the documents on the go. You can use excel, powerpoint and word documents directly from your phone without the need of any laptop.

7. Xbox games: 
Windows phone have perfect Xbox integration that works even great on low-end devices with lesser RAM.

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