How to check Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Safety?

Did you purchase new Samsung Galaxy Note 7? Are you concerned whether your device will explode or not? Samsung fortunately, acted very quickly on this one, and a recall has been issued for all units sold. In each country (except China) you will be ready to return your Note7 and obtain a new safe unit. These new devices that do not have the faulty batteries can arrive in most of Europe on September nineteen, and in Australia on September twenty-one. Only after people who have already bought the phone have replaced their units, new units can continue its sale.

Now if you want to check whether your phone will explode or not, you should see the label below on your Galaxy Note7's box.
note 7 box photo
Note the tiny black box on the barcode label and big blue colored "S" on the note 7 box - purportedly mentioned for "Safe". So, if your unit has this label, it's fine. If it does not, then make sure that you return it asap.

If you have lost your Note7's box but need to check about device safety, Samsung will provide IMEI codes of safe ones online from September thirteen. You'll be able to enter your handset's IMEI into it and it'll tell you if the device is good or not.

And if even that somehow does not work for you, then Samsung's customer care centers are ready to assist you to check whether or not you've got the safe model.

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