LG to release G6+ 128GB and G6 32GB Tomorrow in Korea

LG to release G6+ 128GB
LG will launch the updated versions of its premium phones "G6 Plus 128GB" and "G6 32GB" tomorrow i.e 30th June.

As per the inside news, the price of G6 plus 128GB will be around 830 dollars and G6 32GB 710 dollars.

The G6 Plus will have double the storage of current G6(64 GB), support wireless charging function and will be available in three colors: optical astro black, optical terra gold, and optical marine blue.

The G6 32GB is half the storage capacity of the existing 64GB model, and the price is lower than the existing G6 model by $70. The rest of the specifications are same as G6. This is available in 3 colors Mystic white, terra gold, and marine blue.

Korean telecom operator KT will offer a wireless charging cradle (limited to 4,500) to customers who purchased the G6 Plus 128GB model by the 27th of next month.

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