Huawei Mate 10 with borderless design to launch in October?

Huawei Mate 10
Now that Honor 9 and P10 are out, it's time for Huawei to tackle another launch: the Mate 10. The phablet is obviously expected at the end of the year. A leak from China would confirm and even attribute some details.

LG and Samsung, with the G6 and S8 already in market and Lenovo with the Edge version, all are moving towards fashionable screens. The rumors also lend Sony the ambition to join them quickly with the Xperia X Ultra and Xiaomi to repeat the feat. Not to mention Apple, of course. Fashion touches all brands. These include those at the top of the world rankings.

A screen such as shown in the image above, the next Huawei Mate? Soon a borderless mobile at Huawei? If the borders around the Honor 9 screen are much smaller than those of Honor 8, the latest premium model of the Chinese firm does not quite match the current definition of Borderless design. But the next flagship would be, according to a rumor coming from the Chinese site.
The Mate 10 could be borderless with a screen whose ratio would be close to that of the G6 as per the information obtained from the famous Taiwanese supply chain. This screen with Full HD (2160 pixels x 1080 pixels) resolution would be 6 inches, or 0.5 inches longer than the Mate 9 Pro and 0.1 inches More than the classic Mate 9. Logically, with such a screen, the smartphone should be narrower. The screen would be produced by Japanese Display and would be IPS and would rely on a "Full Active" backlight (certainly a technology comparable to the Full LED TVs).

Two other rumors have been relayed by the Chinese site. First, according to an active blogger on Weibo, the Mate 10 would be scheduled for a launch in October. This corresponds more or less to the usual commercial window of the premium phablet range. Then, the Mate 10 would be equipped with a dual photo sensor, which would be optimized for augmented reality. Remember that a previous leak claimed that the Mate 10 would be the first smartphone in Huawei to come with a Kirin chipset.

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