LG Q6: the mini version of the G6 to launch next week?

LG Q6 Mobile Phone

While its commercial name has only recently leaked, the L6 Q6, mini version of the G6, should be launched in a few days. The Korean brand invited the press for a press conference to be held on 11 July.

Two months ago, we learned that LG was preparing a "mini" version of the G6. This was no surprise, as it is a tradition for the Korean brand. A few days ago, new leaks confirmed the name of the smartphone: Q6, a name whose number obviously refers to the G6 without fully associating. However, the rumors claim that the phone will retain certain ergonomic features of its model, including the ratio of the screen (for a slab that should be smaller obviously).

Some of this information has just been confirmed by a new leak that takes the form of an image published on Twitter by Grzegorz Dabek, journalist at TableTowopl. This image represents an invitation from LG for a "BarbeQ" on July 11 at 6 pm. On the invitation, you can see that LG already announces the color: it will be the opportunity to discover a new smartphone. And thanks to the emphasis on the letter "Q", the identity of the subject of this conference is almost beyond doubt.

The date of this conference is interesting, especially if we compare with the dates of officialization of the "mini" and "lite" versions of the LG flagships. The G5 SE was presented in April. The G4 Beat and the G4c were unveiled in July and May, respectively. While the G3s was also formalized in July. Can we infer that the positioning of the Q6 will be closer to the G5 SE, the G4 Beat or the G3s in their day? Not necessarily. But we can still hope that LG will put as much ambition in the Q6 as it put in the G5 SE (which was missing from the other models mentioned).

So be patient until next week to discover in detail the new proposal of LG on the premium mid-range. According to Evan Blass, some concessions are already awaited: simple 13-megapixel photo sensor, 3 GB of RAM, but 18/9 screen. The latter should measure 5.4 inches, a size still very respectable. Will it be Full HD? It would be a good idea ... Everything will depend logically on the pricing that LG wants to give to this model.

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