Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Benchmarking Data Sheet Leaked !

Mi Mix 2 Benchmark score leaked
First Xiaomi Mi Mix was a very interesting phone, which showed the company its path that it wanted to go further. It has been passed by a year and now a successor named Mi Mix 2 is one of the most anticipated devices of the company. And whereas before we really only had rumors about this phone, we now have a statement from the Geekbench benchmark.

According to this leaked statement comes Mi Mix 2 processor Snapdragon 835 SoC paired with 6 GB of RAM, which as a result makes 1929 points in the single core test and 6431 points in multi-core test. It also confirmed the statement that Mi Mix 2 will have Android 7.1.1 OS as Nougat.

Other specifications (according to previous speculations) are Mi Mix 2 will probably be 128 gigabytes / 256 GB internal storage, 19MP rear camera 13MP front and 6.4-inch-edge AMOLED display with resolution 2540x1440px. Batteries should then have a capacity of 4,500 mAh. It seems that we are not so far since the official launch, so we will soon be able to know the complete specs of this phone.

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