8 Reasons the Samsung Galaxy S3 is Still a Great Phone

Thinking about getting mum or dad a smartphone, but worried you’ll be investing in a brick, since they still have a rotary? No problem. The Samsung S3 has a slew of low and high-end features, and is a very affordable £200 or so. That means you can start them off on a phone that will let them benefit from all Android has to offer. Since it’s working from the easy to use and friendly Samsung version of the OS, it’s a win-win situation for both you and them. Likewise, if you have a child who has been on about getting a phone, £200 is a lot less to spend than the £500 or more you’d put into competing smartphones. This makes the Samsung Galaxy S3 a great way to start them out, but still add incentive for them to get better marks, or improve behaviour, teaching them to work towards a better and more expensive phone. Read on for eight reasons why the Samsung GS3 is still a great phone: 1) Starter Mode: Perfect for first time smartphone users, Samsung Starter Mode places commonly accessed functions right on the home screen. That way new users aren’t caught up in screen after screen of menu, or calling you from their home phone to try and explain how they ‘turned something on’ and now can’t use their phones. This is one of several reasons why people were in queue for the Galaxy S3 in the UK when it launched. 2) Smart Stay: Your phone is watching you; at least, it is if you have Smart Stay turned on. This lets the phone detect when your eyes are looking at the screen, and it keeps the screen turned on. That way you won’t need to press buttons or take any other steps to keep your phone from turning off when you’re using it. This is a great feature if you are reading an eBook, or a long post, and are concerned that your phone might close itself. Follow these steps to turn it on: • From the Home screen, tap on ‘Settings’. • Tap the ‘Display’ option. • Then just tap on ‘Smart Stay’. • Now your phone will stay on when you are looking at the screen. 3) Double Tap to Top: Pretty simple in concept, but great in function, this lets you double tap a screen to get back to the top. For those of you who are elbow deep in the comments section of a website, but want to get back to the top, this is a very useful feature. 4) Instant Camera Access: For the shutterbug in you, or mum, you can set the phone to instantly turn on your camera. Just follow these steps, and you’ll be able to tap and hold your screen, rotating it to landscape mode to open the camera, letting you instantly snap shots of anything: • From your Home Screen, tap on ‘Settings’. • Then open ‘Lock Screen’. • After that, select ‘Lock Screen Options’. • Now just turn on ‘Camera Quick Access’. 5) Text Calling: One of the more frustrating things with modern tech is trying to call someone who sent you an SMS or text message. This is because actually getting to their number is usually a chore. Add to that the frustration of then trying to figure out which if their numerous possible phones they messaged you from, and you can be pulling out hair in short order. Samsung lets you directly dial someone from their text – to the number they messaged you from. This is a great feature. 6) Power Saving Mode: Not the most amazing device feature, but still a good one, this lets the phone turn off a number of generally unnecessary battery hogs. It limits processor use, turns off haptic feedback, and lowers the screen power. These things can save a ton of battery life – especially for someone who might forget to close their phone from time to time. 7) Facebook Lock Screen: Great for those who live in Facebook, this feature lets you set your lock your screen to provide Facebook notifications. This way, you can see at a glance if any life changing things are happening in your network. You can also keep up with gossip in real time, without needing to be logged into the phone and using valuable battery life. 8) Data Limitations: Perfect for those new to data plans and roaming, or people on your plan budget you want to monitor, this lets you set limits to the data a person can use. It’s great because it will prevent them (or you) from exceeding plan limits, making sure you aren’t getting hit with absurdly high phone bills. A trendsetter when it first came out, years later the GS3 is still a solid phone, and offers everything a new smartphone user could hope to have. While some of the tech may be a bit out-dated in terms of what else is available, if the person you’re going to be giving the phone to won’t need all the more expensive bells and whistles, then why put the money into paying for them? One of our top picks for a budget mobile, this phone is one you won’t be sorry for purchasing.

HTC Desire Eye Specifications

Screen: 5.2-inch full HD (1920×1080 pixels)
Chipset: 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core chip
Memory: 2GB of RAM
16GB of internal storage + microSD card slot
Cameras: 13MP rear + 13MP front, each with own dual LED flash set-up
Speakers: BoomSound speakers
OS: Android KitKat + Sense 6 UI
Battery: 2400 mAh
Size: 151.7 x 73.8 x 8.5 mm, weight – 154 grams
Water-proof: IPX7 rating

Smart Reader for Android offers most comfortable reading experience

Are you an ardent reader? Do you read lot of e-books on your mobile phone? Then Smart Reader for Android is a must-have app. The app has user friendly UI and offers most comfortable reading experience on Android device. It supports ePub, oeb, mobi and fb2 file formats.

You can also share and publish ebook or specific selected content of ebook on your favorite social networking site.

The app comes with various features like multi-language, multi-bookmarking, text-to-speech, additional dictionary support etc. This app takes special care in protecting your eyes, for those who read continuously on the mobile/tablet.

Download the app for FREE from playstore.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Sony Z3 to be previewed at IFA 2014?

International Consumer Electronics Show (IFA) will take place in Berlin every year in September. All the the major manufacturers except Apple will be attending this show to showcase their developments and products that year.

This year, Samsung and Sony are expected to launch their flagship devices Note 4 and Z3 respectively at this event.

And as per leaks, Note 4 may have better specs than Z3. But one has to wait until September to know what manufacturers will offer on their premium devices.

Apart from mobiles, the show will also display smartwatches, HD TVs, laptops and all other consumer electronics.

Google Nexus 6 Rumors Roundup

Here are the inside rumors about Google Nexus 6:
  • Google had joined hands with Motorola to release its next flagship device Nexus 6.
  • Nexus 6 will have a 5.9 inch screen.
  • The phone will have a fingerprint sensor just like iPhone and Galaxy S 5.
  • Currently the phone is in testing phase and will be showcased in November this year.
  • This will be the first phone to come with Android L Operating system.

Samsung launched 7 inch Galaxy W in China

Samsung launched 7 inch Galaxy W phone in China as Galaxy tabq. Those who like the big screen mobiles can give this phablet a try. Spec-wise the phone is not that great, it comes with a 1.2 GHz quad core processor, 8 MP camera on rear and 2 MP camera on front. It only has HD resolution i.e 1280x720. The battery size is impressive, 3200 mAh.

If you are interested in a mid-range phone with large screen, then you can buy this new model from Sammy.

iPhone 6 will hit the market in December

The mass production of iPhone 6 will take place in September and as per the inside reports, the phone will be hitting market in December. iPhone 6 will be available in 2 versions 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch. This is the first time, Apple is releasing iPhone with large screen in direct competition to Android manufacturers.

  Previously it has been reported that the two versions of the iPhone 6 will not be released at the same time. First iPhone 6 with 4.7 inch screen will be released and then after a gap of 3 months iPhone 6 with 5.5 inch screen will be released. iPhone 6 with 5.5 inch screen will have sapphire glass screen, and due to less availability of sapphire glass, 5.5 inches iPhone 6 will be postponed to be released later this year.

5.5 inches iPhone 6 Battery Leaked Online

Still now, the rumors are that Apple will be releasing 5 inch screen phone but as per the latest leaks Apple is also preparing 5.5 inch iPhone. The leaked battery of 5.5 inch iPhone suggests this. Check out the photos of leaked battery:

Android App of the day: Beat MP3

Beat MP3 for Android is a fascinating game. It is far beyond simple and boring rhythm beat game you ‘d ever seen before. It can support any music file extension you have in your phone including mp3,mp4 file.
You can enjoy and feel the beat with thrill.

Some of the features of the app are:
- This game includes exclusive music analysis system, makes perfect beat timing looks like which song writers made it.
- It also has random beat system which makes different kind of game even with the same song.
- You can enjoy the game without loading after 1st precision song analysis.
- It’s cozy, fantastic graphic and effect, especially fever mode will make you immersed in this game.
- It adds more exciting system with random bonus event.
- Auto accumulated system with 10 coins per 30 minutes.

Various options.
- 3 different lines ( 4,5,6 lines)
- 9 steps speed ( 1x to 5x with 0.5 step)
- 4 steps mode ( Easy,Normal,Hard,Crazy)
- Beat sound on/off function
- Random beat on/off function( everytime you’ll se different note even with same song)
- Support four different language(Korean,Japanese,English,Chinese)

Download the app from HERE.

Samsung Galaxy Metal Version to release on Aug 13

Samsung will launch its metal version of Galaxy phone on August 13th. The phone will not only have amazing specs but also will have superb specifications.

It is loaded with 2K resolution 5.3 inches screen and is equipped with 3GB memory.
It will come in 2 variants with different processors 805 processor Qualcomm Snapdragon and Samsung Exynos 5433 processor, which allegedly is Samsung's first 64-bit processor, with better performance.

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